Backwards Thong Dare or Thong Thursday Dare

Required: Thongs (G-string, V-String)

Rule of the Day: No cumming without my permission


1) Wake up early, shower and select the sexiest outfit to wear

2)  Choose your favorite thong (G-String type) , the smaller and tighter the better

    Now wear your G-String backwards so the string is at the front. It has to be in such a way that string              must run down the middle of your pussy and across your clit.

3) Find ways to stimulate your clit when you are out or if at home, hump on pillow or grind pussy to bed    post. Feel yourself getting wet when others around you have no idea

4) If you ever enter ladies room, I want you to insert two fingers down there and just hold it for 3 minutes. No fingering at any cost. You may play with your nipples if you can hold off orgasm

5) After 3 minutes, lick every bit of wet juice or use it as lip gloss and continue with your work

At the end of the day, message me about your experience (photos optional) or email me at daremaster4all@gmail.com.

I will review and give you permission to cum or suitable punishment if you failed he dare.

Good luck and have fun! ;)

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[P.s: I have attached a poster containing instructions at the end, feel free to download and submit to other blogs. Spread the word. Let us make thong Thursday bit interesting! Shall we? ]

Edit: It can be for any day

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